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Options for Sensitivity Reduction

EmlaEach clients sensitivity varies and some areas may be more sensitive than others. Many clients find that the discomfort felt with Electrolysis and laser is comparable. Majority of clients feel little discomfort during treatment and do not require additional sensitivity control.

Clients desiring to minimize any discomfort now have options to make their electrolysis treatments more comfortable 1) A topical anesthetic, EMLA is available over the counter from your local pharmacy. 2) For extensive upper lip treatment - your dentist will freeze the area for a nominal fee, making your treatment pain free for approximately 1 hour.

Pre-treatment Recommendations

Sun Exposure and Cleansing:
Avoid excess sun exposure 48 hours prior to your treatment. If possible cleanse the treatment area with a gentle cleanser and water.

Pre-shaving or waxing:
Should the electrologist determine that a majority of the hairs in the area to be treated are not growing at the initial consultation it may be recommended the area be shaved (few days) or waxed (at least 1 week) prior to treatment (varies for each individual) this ensures that only anagen hairs, not telogen (non-growing) are being treated. This is ONLY recommended for areas that require extensive treatment. For the individual with scattered hairs requiring electrolysis it is recommended that the hair be plucked individually rather than waxing the entire area. Electrolysis is more effective, less time consuming and less expensive if performed only on anagen hairs. The hairs need only be long enough to be grasped by tweezers.

Post- treatment Recommendations

It is necessary to keep the area treated with electrolysis clean, avoid rubbing/touching or the application of creams. Avoid excessive sun exposure for 24 hours, as hyperpigmentation may occur. If localized swelling occurs apply cold compresses, ice or Polysporin antibiotic cream.


As the electrologist is treating something she can not see, a regrowth factor of 25%-50% is estimated. When the treated hair appears for treatment again it will be thinner and weaker. Should you experience regrowth in an area treated in the last few weeks it is not regrowth of treated hairs, but growing (anagen) hairs that were at the time of treatment not yet visible.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding permanent hair removal always feel free to call Cheryl.

The Method

There are four phases in the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol. During all four Phases you will receive one-on-one coaching, teaching you how your body gains weight and what you should be eating in order to maintain a balanced weight.

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* The results are those of the individual that is identified. Results while following the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol may vary from person to person, or from individual to individual. You should consult your physician or other health care professional before starting this or any other diet program to determine if it is right for your needs.

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